Augmented Traffic Views 1.0.5 Release Notes

– usability improvements including auto km/miles detection

– added Boston, Rochester, Albany and Syracuse cameras

Revised list of Traffic Cameras for Cities/Areas supported(now over 5000+ cameras supported):

Ontario Canada (Ottawa/Toronto), Florida, Manhattan/Long Island,

Upper New York – Buffalo, Albany, Rochestor, Syracuse,

Denver, St Louis, Chicago, Washington DC/Baltimore, Boston

New Jersey, San Diego/LA, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Vancouver

Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Milwaukee, Utah

Kansas City, Louisville, Phoenix, Portland, San Fran Bay Area

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Tennessee

Glasgow/London, UK

Note for  Las Vegas (cameras are down for a couple of weeks now).

Traffic Cameras not able to be supported at this time (based on user requests):

Hawaii, Sacramento, Hong Kong,  Seattle, Detroit, San Antonio (lack of geo-coded information, can be added if someone does this manually)

Cocoa Beach Florida (I cannot find any CITY traffic cameras).

Albuquerque (cannot find any traffic cameras).

If your city is NOT listed above, please send me an email and I will see if I can add it.

Please note there is now a new application (PhantomAlert) that is now on the Android Marketplace. Please use this application if ProximityAlerts is your key focus. This is a re-branded ATV version that is specifically tuned for PhantomAlerts including the following:

  • automatic, real time POI loading direct from PhantomAlert’s web site which will always have the freshest POI data;
  • PhantomAlert-specific tuning parameters
  • Tech-support direct from PhantomAlert
  • Smaller footprint as the app is geared specifically for driving with PhantomAlerts
  • Customized icons/images
  • Superior user experience for alerts

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