Augmented Traffic Views 1.0.3 now available

  • Introducing yet another INDUSTRY FIRST – a “Simulated Augmented Reality” mode:
    • Useful for when the compass is not working well due to interference locally or the Android device has no digital compass!
    • Touch the green compass in the AR view at the top right. There are 4 states (if the phone has a compass): Touching each time cycles through these 4 states:
      • Green – normal AR view based on compass, GPS, etc;
      • Flashing Red – frozen mode to allow the POIs to be analyzed further without having to hold the phone “just right”;
      • Blue – the simulated mode. The view automatically changes the view from 0 to 360 degrees to see all POIs around you.
      • Flashing Red – freezes the simulated mode to analyze the POIs more carefully.
  • More cameras based on user demand:
  • Glasgow UK added (local city);
  • Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
  • Now supporting over 4300 cameras across 35+ cities/regions:

Revised list of Traffic Cameras for Cities/Areas supported:

Ontario Canada (Ottawa/Toronto), Florida, Manhattan, Buffalo, Denver, St Louis, Chicago, Washington DC,

New Jersey, San Diego, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Vancouver

Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City

Kansas City, Louisville, Phoenix, Portland, San Fran Bay Area

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Tennessee

Glasgow/London, UK

Note for  Las Vegas (cameras are down for a couple of weeks now).

Traffic Cameras not able to support at this time (based on user requests):

Hawaii, Sacramento, Seattle (lack of geo-coded information, can be added if someone does this manually)

Cocoa Beach Florida (I cannot find any CITY traffic cameras).

If your city is NOT listed above, please send me an email and I will see if I can add it.

  • More intelligent (and faster)  Proximity Alerts data loading
  • Tweak to allow real-time alerts to start up more reliably during poor internet conditions (e.g. start driving from an underground location where the data connection is weak)
  • More usability improvements and robustness when the data connection is intermittent (this is ongoing work).
  • Smart mode was broken in 1.0.2 – now working again in 1.0.3 – huge regression error.
  • Fixed bug in Smart Mode when switching cities.
  • Reduced size of apk file slightly – will continue to address this in future releases.


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