The Future of Augmented Traffic Views

There are three versions:

1) The version submitted to ADC-2 which is frozen;

2) The regular ATV 1.* release which is in the marketplace.

3) ATV 2.* release

For the marketplace 1.* release, there will be regular updates for critical bug fixes, support for new cities for traffic cameras (based on user-demand)  and other (non-traffic) features TBA. This version will continue to be free and supported.

For the 2.0 release, the focus is on the following:

* stability and performance;

* The application has been stripped down to only traffic related features for the world wide user base (this significantly reduces the .apk file by 40% already) and improves performance;

* Internal data will be stored differently which will dramatically speed up the time to switch locations for the proximity data;

* Allowing a more efficient manner to load proximity alerts based on auto-location detection;

* User-configurable auto proximity alerts parameter to allow the user to tune how far in advance to alert on;

* More next generation traffic-related features TBA.

The 2.0 release will be re-branded and released as a separate (new) application in the near future.


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