Version 1.0.2 – now available

  • Updated to include last minute additions made to ADC-2 entry (related to detecting no network conditions);
  • Fixed a tricky force close bug (must be driving/moving, using SmartMode AND either using menu/ settings mode or the timing is just right to trigger it). Unfortunately, this bug is in the ADC-2 release.
  • More cameras!
    • London UK – over 400 cameras;
    • State of Tennessee
    • Note I will add cameras (if I can find them) based on user request – i.e. I want to ensure at least one person will use them.
    • Revised support list:

    Traffic Cameras for Cities/Areas supported:

    Ontario, Florida, Manhattan, Buffalo, Denver, St Louis, Chicago, Washington DC,

    New Jersey, San Diego, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Vancouver

    Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City

Kansas City, Louisville, Phoenix, Portland, San Fran Bay Area

Tennessee and London, UK

  • Note the Las Vegas cameras appears to be down at this time (for at least 2 days now).
  • I am unable to add the Seattle cameras. I haven’t been able to get geo-coded information on this. If someone wants to manually encode them …

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