New Version 0.97 now available for download with Florida Cameras and more

  • Minor tweaks and code clean-up
  • Added TRIPLE buffering algorithms in auto-tracking mode to pre-fetch camera images a few seconds before presenting them to allow the auto-tracking mode to work well despite having only an EDGE connection (as the HTC Hero does on Rogers). As a result, image transitions appear to be instantaneous to the user.
    • This also allows the application to tolerate significantly degraded network conditions, while still providing a superior user experience
  • Focus on stability and reliability and much better support for Landscape mode (which is now my preferred mode). See this link for a car holder that allows for 360 swivel ( :
    • Fixed a force close bug in AR view when having more custom POIs than camera POIs
    • If detect out of memory for camera preview, AR view continues without camera view (instead of a force close); Exiting AR view and selecting AR view again should allow the camera preview to be properly shown now.
    • Fix an issue for Premium users when starting AR view under certain conditions.
    • Fixed several force close issues which sometimes occur when switching between landscape and portrait views. This was surely a tricky one to fix. A benefit of the revised approach is that switching is also quite fast now!
    • Better support for landscape/portrait mode switching – i.e. fixed a bug which rendered the menus in Portrait mode in the middle (rather than the bottom).
    • Fixed a tricky condition in auto-tracking mode which could cause the camera images to update more rapidly than the timed interval set by the user (depends on speed, the user set timer and the relative camera positions). A consequence of this bug is that not all of the further away cameras would be shown as the closer ones would “interrupt” their time slot to be displayed.
  • Added 5 local cameras to the SFO area to facilitate testing outside of Toronto. To gain these cameras a reinstall would be required.
  • Added feature in auto radar mode for proximity alerts where touching the screen will return to the main tracking screen (instead of waiting for the target to move away or to push the back button).
  • Added warning message on start-up if GPS detected as being disabled.
  • Removed the restriction to allow for full input when showing the real-time map in auto-tracking mode.
  • Added menu link to show proximity alerts video.
  • Tested with Hero (in Canada). For some reason the compass seems to work better on the Hero for me (i.e. consistently works whereas with the magic I needed to keep re-calibrating it). I have gotten rid of the magnetic flap on my Magic case (we’ll see how that helps the Magic’s compass).
    • Fixed issue when playing audio alerts
    • In some cases, there may not be any audio alerts (due to system resources), restarting the app will correct this. The prior behaviour was a force close event.
    • Increased the user selectable maximum inter-image timer period to 10 seconds from 8 seconds;
    • See video here:
  • Detailed help revised to be consistent with the Beta v0.96 release.
  • V1.0 GA release will be by the end of this month. Beta releases will continue, likely weekly, until then.
  • Please report ANY FORCE CLOSE situations with this application, by email or comments, as I am unaware of any with this latest release.

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